Saturday, March 4, 2017

DIY Plate Chargers/placemats

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to share a quick project I did!  Easter is around the corner and we will be hosting at our house so wanted to come up with some ideas for the dining table.

The look is modern rustic and here's what you need.

This wood slice is from Michaels.  It took me a few months to get six of them as I waited for those 50 percent off coupons.  So at about $4.00 a piece it was pretty inexpensive.  This is the medium size.  

Regular black chalkboard paint.  You can find this at pretty much any hardware store.
I also got a small paintbrush but you can use a sponge brush also.

Make sure you brush off the wood slice before you start painting since there is dust from the wood on them.
Unless you are super sloppy you can use painter's tape.  

They dried really quick.

The best part is these can be used all the time! Decorate for any holiday or birthday! I still need two more slices for the head of the table but be sure to look out for the Easter Sunday table decor! Thanks for checking it out!

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